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Business coach for multipassionate entrepreneurs

Through my own transformation and years of studying psychology, business, marketing, sales, neurodivergence  I have been guiding hundreds of individuals over the last 15 years in the process of designing their life and business the way they envisioned it to be.


You are multi passionate. You have never been good at sticking to one thing.

You feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty during growing your business

You have looked with envy at others who are laser focused in one thing.


You often wonder if you need to stop being an entrepreneur and get a normal job.

But you cannot stop because you have a deep drive to live out your passions.

You have a million ideas but don’t know where to start.


And grow your business in the way you envisioned it.


For the strong-willed multipassionate/neurodivergent entrepreneurs who want to grow on multiple levels; financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


With the right tools, skills, support, and mindset you can finally have the business and life you have dreamed of.


A business in which you can excel, live out your passions, decide your own schedule and ways of work while making an impact on this world.




Entrepreneur - Brand Strategist - Business Consultant - Coach

From an early age I had been very conscious about money and even more so; how to make my own.


When I was a bit older, as a door-to-door salesperson. I learned quickly, and soon became the best selling person in the company.


The kinds of tools that I developed made me feel empowered, as I was able to create life on my own terms. 

The past three decades I have had multiple successful businesses such as a brand agency, a social work company and a massage practice.

I now use my experience as an entrepreneur to help other women.


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“People see me as a powerhouse. I think It's true, yet there is also a soft and vulnerable side in me that is so essential to who I am” 

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