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For many multi-passionates and neurodivergents it’s not even a choice to be an entrepreneur. We usually do not fit in the current structures and are here to bring our unique flavor to the world.

But running a business can be daunting and overwhelming. It really asks you to step up your game and learn the skills needed to become financially healthy. 


I am happy to be your mentor, teacher and biggest fan. I will be honest and confronting when I need to be, but most of all I’ll be like your business buddy. 

 I have made it my mission to help you design your life and business in the way that supports you, your needs and the impact you wish to make.

It's about taking back power where you feel powerless and going on despite the challenges you face. Why? Because you deserve to go after your dreams and the world deserves to receive your gifts!


About me

I'm happy to share some highlights in my journey for you...

Financial Freedom

Forging my own path

From an early age I had been very conscious about money and even more so, about the lack of it. Growing up, seeing my parents struggle financially, I felt powerless. However, as a consequence I got creative and entrepreneurial.


When I was a bit older, as a door-to-door salesperson. I learned quickly, and soon became the best selling person in the company. The kinds of tools that I developed made me feel empowered, as I was able to create life on my own terms. 

It’s not easy forging your own path in life - when society is designed in a way that feels repressive. Often, we are enrolled in schools and other systems that aren't designed for entrepreneurial, artistic souls. 


And so, I embarked on a path that has been truly my own. I left high school, forged my own path and learnt how to make my own choices, based on my personal interests.



When I was 20, I took off to India for six months.  It sounds like a cliche, but it truly changed my life… In India I experienced FLOW for the first time. It was a tough country to travel in, but once you surrender… It is the best feeling!


I felt the interconnectedness of everything, and things just started to work out; meeting the right people, making the right choices, somehow feeling free!

First Business

Overcoming Trauma

My first legitimate business was a massage business. I traveled through Europe, massaging at festivals, in saunas and in homes. Right then and there, I decided I never wanted to be on the payroll again. Some of the businesses I've had:

  • import/export of jewelry and clothes

  • Massage therapy practice

  • Social work business;

  • And my most successful business to date: Catalyst Business consulting - a marketing/branding agency that brings the soul back into business.

I struggled with myself for more than 20 years of my life.


Yet, a little voice within pushed me to try despite all the limiting circumstances I was born into..

It took me a long time to overcome all of it. And I guess it’s a lifelong journey. But I never thought I would make it this far.



I started walking a healing path from the age of 16. It was a journey with many ups and downs. Trying to find myself, understanding what my needs are. All of it did not come easy. 


I think healing is a continuous process and the most important thing to realize is that you were never broken to begin with. 



I think through therapy, coaching and experience I have mastered my neurodivergent brain and also have a deep understanding of the impact of trauma and how to work with it. I have learned that, despite limiting situations, there are still many possibilities to choose from or to create for yourself. And I've learnt how to build systems that work FOR ME and I can teach others to do the same.  This helped me develop my structure and flow methodology.


It took me 10 years to go back to school. When I was 26 I studied social work and shortly after I decided to get my degree in Business.

In business school I really learnt how to sharpen my already existing business schools. During my studies I founded Catalyst and have been running that ever since.


There have been times in my life where I felt spiritually guided into my destiny. When I decided to go to Central America no one could tell me what I truly signed up for. In Panama I understood what I wanted the most.


I wanted to go to University and I had a deep desire to become a mother. Shortly after, I gave birth to my child. It ended up changing me profoundly. I moved from being flaky to a full commitment to myself, my daughter, my studies  and my business.



I learned the value of finding your ESSENCE and I could finally say that I knew who I am (so that journey took about 15 years). It's the reason why I love branding so much. When you have experienced your essence, your baseline, your blueprint, no one can ever take that away from you. Aligning with this will result in living life in a much easier way. I don't think life is meant to be struggling all of the time. It's the ultimate lie that has been fed to us since day one.


So, concluding all of this I have made it my mission to help you create the life you've dreamed of. And it's not only about money. But it is about having the possibilities to make your decisions based on abundance and not on scarcity. 


Our society needs empowered neurodivergent, multipassionate people in order to overthrow everything that is outdated, not working, stale and stagnant within our world. That is where you come in, right?

Abundance for me is all about coming home to yourself. To go after what you want and feeling a sense of control, designing a life you are happy to be in. Having the people, relationships, money and circumstances that nourish you. And important for me: giving back to the world by sharing my gifts while making a positive impact. It took me a long time, but I have finally arrived. And it feels like I haven't even started!

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