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Structure & Flow Online Masterclass

GET A GRIP ON YOUR BUSINESS - Stop procrastinating and move forward in a balanced way. For ambitious, multipassionate and neurodivergent people with big dreams and fluctuating energy levels.


Does this sound like you?

You have big ambitions

You have many passions and want to make a living out of them

You are running a business or are in the process of starting one.

You have periods of intense happiness and flow, alternated with very low energy weeks to the point of feeling burnt out..

These cycles of alternating flow with mini burnouts seem to repeat themselves over and over again.

How would it feel if you can get a grip on your:

Energy Levels



and master your FLOW?

What if?

You can do what you love, earn money with it and keep time to enjoy life?

You start achieving your goals, 1 by 1 getting the confidence you need to handle even bigger dreams?

You can learn to find the right pace for you so that you can actually get off the intensity wagon but start thriving instead?

The structure and flow methodology will provide you the foundation you need to actually step into a life of clarity, ease and productivity.


It's the baseline you have been looking for, so that you and your business start to thrive.

This masterclass is for you if...

Remember those periods in your life where you just seemed to have this sense of ease? You were working, but it wasn't like you were overworked. Your energy levels and the amount of pressure you felt seemed to match. You were getting results, money was flowing and you just felt a sense of ease, peace and achievement..

Your creative powers were going strong. And your finances were matching!

You felt like you were going somewhere!

Until… you didn't.

Until you felt burnt out


Running on empty

Money was going down

You wondered wtf was going on.

Where did the flow go?

Should you quit being an entrepreneur?

Look for a job?

Why does everything feel so hard? 

Why do you have to make so much effort in getting stuff done?

Suddenly you are overwhelmed, feeling burned out, tired, nothing seems to work… You wonder what you are doing wrong? How can it all change so quickly? You feel anxious and start questioning whether you’re still on the right path. Because if you were, it shouldn’t feel like this, right?

This is not the life you had envisioned for yourself. So, you take a lot of rest. Regroup and then one day you wake up and you are fine again… And you are back at it, Full steam ahead… as if nothing ever happened… And these cycles keep on repeating themselves…  You can’t seem to master this sense of balance you are looking for…

does life have to be this way?

No! not if you:

Learn how to master your flow with the right amount of structure

Stay in alignment with your authentic self and true desires

Know how to relieve your body and mind from stress to keep your nervous system regulated.

I know because I've been there many times before...

I was overcompensating for my lows, by doing double the work during my highs, this was actually creating a giant loop of an almost bipolar kind of fluctuation of my moods and energy levels.

I forgot to take rest cycles.

I didn't plan, I was doing everything on a whim.

I had no overview of how much to do for which goal and which finances I need to support these goals.

I wasn't strict enough with myself on my non-negotiables, i didn't even know what they were!

in this masterclass I will teach you the basics on how to master your flow with the right amount of structure.

the practical details

This is what you will learn:

  • Getting really clear on the non-negotiables you need to plan every week to stay balanced and happy.

  • Insight in the relationship between your finances, energy levels and defining your top priorities to work on in order to achieve your goals

What can you expect from this masterclass?

  • A workbook with exercises that help you plan, structure and master your flow.

  • Insight in yourself and your unique life design.

  • A fun and inspiring evening in which we share our experience with others, while learning from each other

For who is this?

  • Women who long for more space and time for themselves while they are working towards their dreams.

  • Entrepreneurs who feel they can achieve more than what they are already doing

  • Creative women who are on the payroll, but dream of a life as a freelancer.

  • Women who seem to alternate between extreme emotions and fluctuations in energy levels and long to get a better grip on their lives.

  • Entrepreneurial women who have big ambitions and want to get a permanent grip on their life design. Stay in a creative state at all times and learning when and how to rest in between.

what others say

Wave of PJ

“Half year ago I had like nothing, I had passions but i was all over the place. Now half a year later I got my own surfwear collection and hosting my own surfcamps. Tnx to jessica's methods I learnt how to combine all my passions into a structured business model, without burning out."
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about jessica

I’m a multi passionate serial entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience in business, branding, marketing and sales.


I am also neurodivergent, which means my brain works differently than most. Therefore, most coaching programs didn't work for me. Most therapies didn't work either. I tried it all and through trial and error I have developed my own methodologies such as the brandcompass and the structure and flow document.


I am passionate about purpose and authenticity and what I love the most is helping people and organizations grow into their full potential.


I am on a mission to help women like myself to get the life that actually works FOR them. A life in which you feel fulfilled and abundant beyond profit and revenue.


A few years ago I started a brand agency called Catalyst, because I believed that too much money was being spent on overpriced agencies with no real strategy. 


Next to that I coach multi passionate women in growing their business and designing their life in such a way that they can keep on creating without burning out.

And that’s exactly what I'm going to teach you during this masterclass!

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