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I like to keep things simple and I have two offers to choose from. You can do this 1:1 or in a group. There is also a possiblity to get a customised offer for your specific needs. Schedule a call with me to discuss further details

The Empress Codes

A unique leadership, life design and 16 week business course for multipassionate and/or neurodivergent entrepreneurs.

The Brandcompass

A 6 week course in which you will learn to create a clear, powerful and coherent brand that people will understand, feel and want to work with.


Work with me

Being a businessowner or solopreneur is not easy! We often miss the structure and support of colleagues or like minded people. 


Or, if your business is ready to scale, you want to know what are the right tools and strategies to get there.


Running a business is also about personal leadership: what are you allowing into your life, how do you manage your responsabilities and energy levels throughout the week?

I have a strong focus on nervous system regulation, but will also challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. 


What can you expect from me as a coach?

I'm a mentor, trusted advisor and someone with the right skills, tools and practical knowledge. Im caring, involved and can be strict when I need to.


Astrid Clemens - Het Stadsparadijs

“Jessica helped us setting up our marketing and sales strategy and gave us sales training that really made a difference. within 2 months we increased sales with 200%! Jessica helps you to think big and to see your own blind spots. She can be strict, but always in a loving manner."

The Brandcompass

This is my main offer that has helped many entrepreneurs before you! 
The brandcompass is a 6 week course in which you will learn to create a clear, powerful and coherent brand that people will understand, feel and want to work with.

Specially designed for multipassionate entrepreneurs; the brandcompass helps you create a clear brand out of all of your different offers and passions in a way that people actually understand.
It's the ultimate guide for your copy, your website, your communications and much more!
This course is available 1:1 and in a group.  More details can be found in the brochure.

Get the Brandcompass brochure!

Debby Ixchel - Holistic Hispanist

“Jessica knows directly to pinpoint and distill your brandessence from all of your thoughts, words and ideas and turn it into clear communication”

The Empress Codes

This 16 week programme is designed to get you to the next level in life and business by:

1. Solidifying your foundation as a person and entrepreneur.
2. Learning how to balance structure and flow.
3. Creating solid business- and marketing strategies.
4. Improving your personal leadership skills.
5. Creating a strong brand that stands out.

This course is available 1:1 and in a group. Details in the brochure.

Establish yourself and your business on your own terms. Make your desired impact and achieve the abundance you desire. 
I combine my 15 years of experience in business, marketing and sales with my innate knowledge of the neurodivergent and multipassionate brain. Expect a perfect combination of sharpening your Entrepreneurial Skills, Strategic Planning, Creative Thinking, Life Design and Leadership training.

Get the Empress Codes brochure!

"You were born at this time for a reason. The world needs your gifts, because the world desperately needs change. And the only way it’s gonna change is when you step forward in a grounded way  and start sharing them."

Work with me:

In a group

I see that groupcourses do not only provide a sense of belonging, the attendees are helping eachother grow by sharing their experiences in a safe space.


Groupcourses are a little cheaper and provide you with a community that is often experienced as helpful. 



If you want to grow fast through getting a lot of personal attention, this is your pick.


1:1 sessions are intensive, powerful and ensure you have a tailor made program that helps you move forward the way you want to.


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